Main Line Consulting

Irrigation System Design

MLC ProcessMain Line Consulting, Inc. has extensive experience in designing successful irrigation projects of different sizes, simple to complex, here in the Midwest or around the country. We bring a “common sense” approach to all of our designs by incorporating over 25 years of experience in the irrigation construction business. We work with you to develop an irrigation system that is based on your directives, that is cost effective, efficient and maintainable. Our industry is constantly changing so we maintain close relationships with the major manufactures to ensure that we are using the latest technology to efficiently manage your project. Main Line Consulting will provide you with accurate plans, specifications and details for your project. When we provide quality contractors with quality information we get more consistent bids to evaluate. Let Main Line Consulting work with you to create your next successful irrigation project.

The Design Process:

  1. The Pre-Design meeting is a time to discuss the project budget, specific project limits and expectations. At this time we also address issues regarding control requirements, water source (psi, gpm, location) and electrical requirements and location, etc. Some contractors will take for granted they are going to have sufficient water/power for the system they want to install. The water source and electrical services account for a major portion of any projects cost, not specifically addressing these items can lead to significant cost overages for your project before you ever get started.

  2. Head plot – used to ensure areas of coverage and to identify any “issue” before proceeding to the pipe and zone stage.

  3. Piping and Zoning – based on established job parameters the piping and zones are laid out at this time. There is a significant amount of work involved in this stage; changes/revisions after this stage are more complex.

  4. Plan Layout – layout of design based on scale, details, specifications and any job specific general notes.

  5. Final meeting to go over design and ensure that all issues are addressed and that you are comfortable with the irrigation design.

  6. Final construction budget numbers will be established based on final design information.

  7. Pre-Bid Meeting (optional) to go over plans and specifications
Simply put – MLC listens, evaluates and recognizes obstacles and opportunities.
Their documents are thorough, well thought out and budgets are concise; taking a lot into consideration.  Most importantly, to me, is they protect their clients – it is comforting to know that MLC is involved from inception to completion.
MLC is one of a small group of truly independent consultants who provides services that are second to none.

Jay Stadler

Grounds Manager – Carleton College